Friday, 9 December 2011

My time at Myross Bush School

My time at Myross Bush School has been amazing.  Every time I walk into a classroom it brings back memories.  I can remember all my old teachers that have stayed at this school and 2 that haven't but one is coming back next year.  Mrs Ford in room 1 she was great also Mrs Carr in room 3 and 6 she was great too,  Mrs Kahukaura in room 4  she was awesome so was Miss Stewart in room 7 and also Mrs Hughes she was super and also Mr Herring. they were all great teachers Mr Herring and Mrs Hughes let me on their ipod touch and iphone.  Mr Herring is my present teacher.  He is awesome. Ever since room 1 I have made a tonne of friends.  One of them is Travis McKenzie.  I have known him since room 1 and has also been one of my best friends.  In room 3 I met Tim, Tim has also been one of my best friends.  A special thank you to Mrs Tressider and Mrs Blackmore for doing all that hard work in the office you have helped me through school also.  Who can forget Mr Lovelock?  He has been an awesome principal for getting us all the great technology and for doing up the classrooms. Since I've been at this school I have made tonnes of friends. One of my my most closes friends has been Benjamin he has helped me with lots of computer stuff. Myross Bush School has been awesome for the 6 years that I have been here Thanks!!!!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Reflection Post week 6

On Monday 24th the yr 6s went to camp.  We had alot of fun at camp especially all the activites my personal  favourite was abseileing it was one of the best activites next to rafting.  I really enjoyed camp and at my next camp I am going to be a little more careful and also help out with everything.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Camp reflection post

On Monday the 21st the year 6s went to Borland Lodge for camp.  The best thing about camp is all the activities, they were all heart pumping.  The only negative thing about camp was a scar on my leg.  If I go on camp next year, I am going to enjoy myself and be a little more careful.  My advice for next year's campers is, don't be afraid to try something new and try to achieve your smart goal.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Reflective learing post learning

For the arts I am doing the art of music in miss Stewarts class. We are working on a school song in my group is Benjamin, Campbell and I.  the purpose of making a school song is to show our school values through a song. The thing we need to do next is to put some lyrics to our song and that is what I am learning about for the arts.  

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

G.E news (pet day)

On the 7th of November Myross Bush had their annual Pet day.  there were thousnds of people there lots of students brought pets like Dogs, lambs, cats, hens, mice, birds, horses and even a goat!

Children were making the most of all the stalls like the kids corner and all the other stalls. Fizzy was very popular and by lunch time everyone wanted something to eat so people started making burgers and sausage sizzles Pet day was a complete success!  

Reflective learning post

Today we were learning to speak in front of large crowds Mr Herring would put a picture up on the board and we have to speak about it this is some of the criteria we have to use.

. Know what to say in advance
. Act friendly
. Be confident
. Speak clearly and calmly
. Speak fluently and smoothly with no large pauses

My goal is to speak fluently and smoothly with no large pauses and that's what I am going to work on.

Why everyone should have a laptop

I think everyone should have a laptop it would make life at school a lot easier and this is why.

First of all it is easy to accessible to fit in a tote tray. Children could pick their own laptops (but their parents could pay). It would also have your own login and everything. I went round and asked everyone in room 8 what would you prefer Books and stationary or a laptop. 16 wanted a laptop and 5 said books and stationary.

Secondly it would be better for the environment because books are made out of paper and paper is made out of trees but with laptops homework , writing, reading could be emailed to us we could be sent a link or website.

Thirdly there will be no more "I've lost my book" or "I've lost my pencil or pen". Students will always ready for a maths test or spelling test this is what Travis had to say about having laptops at school "they are really good to have but they cost a little to much

Last of all there will be no more waiting for a computer that means when we have deadlines on the computer we could get them done really fast it would make tasks and dead lines a lot easier.

And that is why I strongly believe that all Myross bush students should have a laptop.